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Kapha Dosha Routine [5 Tips for Creating Balance in Your Day]

GetBollywood Team
Published on 12 Feb 2019 / In Health / Ayurveda

Daily routines are a big part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle, especially if you’re working on balancing kapha – the most stubborn dosha of them all! Here are 5 tips that will help you create an easy, customizable routine that includes self-care practices, exercise, yoga, and more.

These tips are not meant as a strict set of rules, but rather as a helpful guideline for creating a sense of structure that can be easily implemented into your kapha lifestyle. We’ll walk you through how you can start small by committing to a regular time of day to work out, go to bed, and eat each meal.

Whether you have a kapha body type or you’re experiencing a kapha imbalance, a daily routine that focuses on counteracting kapha’s natural tendency towards heaviness and lethargy can be a huge help. You may even notice a clearer complexion and increased energy levels as you begin to follow these tips!

Kapha also benefits from following a diet of invigorating foods and spices. Watch our video on kapha diet tips to learn more about how to add the right foods into the mix.

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